Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reach for the Sky

Sure, most 17-year-olds are convinced that they're "the shit". The difference between those teens and Sky Ferreira is that she actually is. Sorry kids...

Her wide ranging vocals, her born-n-raised Hollywood style and her Olsen twin-esque (but so much cooler) look all contribute to her coolness factor. And while most LA-based, blond, pop, teen acts make me cringe, she makes me jealous.

Expect the release of her album "As If!" on March 8th of this year (courtesy of the cutting-edge EMI/Capitol Records). Do yourself a favor and watch her videos. She is what one may call "optical nutrition." (Shame on you. She's 17. Gross).
My picks are "One", "American Dream", "17", and (my favorite) "Obsession":

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