Monday, February 6, 2012

The Voyage of a Voyageur: Kathleen Edwards

I, like many these days, have found myself in a state of soul-searching. And while most would be panicked by such a tumultuous time, I find peace in the multitude of tunes to soundtrack my reflective thoughts. At the top of my "serenity now" playlist? Kathleen Edwards' new album, Voyageur. This Canadian singer-songwriter had classical training as a violinst and an international upbringing as the daughter of a diplomat, characteristics you may not pick up from her Plain Jane persona and Americana folk sound.

As her fourth studio album, it is clear that Edwards is consistent in her sound and wise in her words. Through her effortless yet poetic lyrics come a poignant message with each track, as in Voyageur's first single "Change the Sheets": "Change this feeling under my feet/Change the sheets and then change me."

Other favorites of mine include:

"Empty Threats"
"A Soft Place to Land"
"House Full of Empty Rooms"

You can hear every song on the album in its entirety here:

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