Saturday, June 9, 2012

Into The Fame

My friends say I fall in and out of love often and easily. While I doubt and resent that statement slightly, it couldn't be more accurate when it comes to my love affairs with music. My infatuation with -- nay, feelings for -- Matt Corby are deep and true, if I may get a bit "Hemmingway" for a moment. And when someone feels a love this strong, it's only natural that I wish others feel the same. And I guarantee you will.

This Aussie is only 21 years old, yet he has a voice that is as raw and emotion-filled as it is controlled. Moving between registers and octaves with ease, one is almost thrown aback by his intense focus while singing as he strums gently, then forcefully, at his guitar. What's even more endearing than his sweet smile and heartfelt lyrics is what translates as a lack of confidence before and after he performs each song. When live, he looks down humbly, noticeably nervous, as his fingers find their place. When he's through, he finally looks back up at a crowd so intoxicated by him with a boyish charm and humble demeanor as if to ask "What did you think? Be honest." One would never believe that his career began after his almost-win on 2007's Australian Idol when he was only 16, although one might believe it once one sees how unfairly good-looking he is.

Having released four EP's over the past 2 years, it would be accurate to describe much of Corby's music as "bluesy," pensive and accoustic, yet his first single from Into The Flame, released this past April in the US, is anything but subdued. Listen to "Brother," undoubtedly the song with which Matt courted me so quickly and effortlessly, and let yourself fall fast in love with him as I have.

Others I love from this and past EP's include "Letters," "My False," "Big Eyes," "Made of Stone," "Coloured Stones and Walls," and "Lighthome." I also posted what has surely become my favorite cover of any The Black Keys song. Watch it.

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