Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Ultimate Primadonna Girl

I've found the next big thing to hit the USA, and fortunately for...well...everyone, it doesn't consist of prepubescent boys. Meet Marina Diamondis, dubbed Marina & The Diamonds thanks to the translation of her Greek surname. While her stagename may be a bit of a misnomer, the act consists solely of the singer-songwriter: no band; no group. The diamonds, she explains, are her fans. In that case, I'm declaring myself Marina's Number One "diamond."

Born and raised in Wales, Marina moved to the UK at the age of eighteen to pursue a music degree. Although she dropped out after only a few semesters, she credits her being "delusional with drive" for her success, as she was signed by Warner Music Group in 2009, released her debut album The Family Jewels in 2010 and nabbed several international music awards before her sophmore album Electra Heart debuted at number one in the UK and Ireland in April 2012.

Even more appealing than her obvious talent (she penned every song on the album, you oughta know) is her style. When asked to sum up her look in three words? "Vintage, cheerleader and cartoon," said Marina. With her new album came a new image, an evolution from brunette Euro edge to blonde Hollywood glamour. Perhaps we can attribute her time spent in Los Angeles for the transformation; perhaps her adoration of Blondie, Gwen Stefani and Madonna. Either way, we're on board, as was Max Factor when it made Marina their new poster girl last winter.

It's difficult to find a single song on this album not worthy of playing on loop, but if I had to choose my faves, they would be "Bubblegum Bitch," "Lies" (check out the acoustic version of this one), "Homewrecker," "Power & Control," and of course, "Primadonna Girl."

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