Monday, November 9, 2009

X Marks the Spot... Twice

A fellow music lover suggested I give the xx a listen. Thanks to their male/ female dynamic and their indie London pop sound, I'm hooked. This is ideal "chill" nighttime music, as their tracks have proved reminiscent of every one from Chris Isaak to Radiohead. Their debut album, xx, was released this past September and quickly propelled the band to be placed #6 on the popular UK music magazine New Music Express's "Future 50" list. My favorite tracks? Try listening to "Islands," "Infinity," and "Heart Skipped a Beat."

If you like what you hear and are in the New York area, they are playing the Bowery on November 11th. Check out xx by clicking on the link below.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Red Hot

Once in a while, a song will come along that I become so obsessed with, I put it on repeat. "Bulletproof" by La Roux is no exception. What may appear as a solo act is actually an electro pop duo, comprised of the band's red-headed namesake, Eleanor Jackson, and synth player/ writer/ producer, Ben Langmaid. La Roux's sound seems to echo the sounds of 1980's synth pop, as the pair is clearly influenced by acts like Depeche Mode and David Bowie.

They've been a big deal in the UK for a while now. Their single "Bulletproof" debuted at #1 on the UK Singles Chart. Other mentionables? "In for the Kill," "Quicksand," and "I'm Not Your Toy."

Just be warned-- the track is titled "Bulletproof," not "Mulletproof."

Monday, November 2, 2009

For Your Entertainment

I have to blog about the highly anticipated first single from who many feel was American Idol's rightful Season 8 winner, Adam Lambert. The single "For Your Entertainment," off his debut album of the same name, is a fun, high energy single that I can see having more than just Top-40 appeal. Packed with his signature Mariah Carey-esque tenor riffs, it actually sounds like Adam. I have to say I'm also kind of turned on by all the innuendo in this song because, although we were fed only the "wholesome Adam" during his time on Idol, the erotic themes in his lyrics are totally and completely believable to me. I am also really impressed as he (or his writer) seems to be one of the only artists to get the concept that, yes -- you are, in fact, here for our entertainment.

His new album hits stores on November 23rd. If you voted for him on AI, here's a thought-- support him and buy his album. Revolutionary, I know.