Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Beat Goes On...

Thus the time dreaded by middle-schoolers and adults alike is upon us: the end of summer. And while I maintain that there is nothing quite like listening to the feel-good sounds of Bob Marley or Michael Franti and the like with a cold beer on a summer's eve, the cool mornings and clear nights are a change welcomed by all those ready to part with the thick air and thunderstorms characteristic of August in New York. Still, most of us drudge into fall with a teary eye on summer in our rear view. How do I cope with this inevitable parting? I relish in the tunes that make the transition of seasons a little bit easier. Here are a few that strike me as uniquely autumn.

1. Crystal Fighters - "AT HOME"
One of the more recently released singles off the band's debut album Star of Love, this group describes its music as "fast, mesmeric and passionate." Frankly, sometimes that staccato rhythm works (see below) and sometimes, well, not so much (see "I Love London," off the same album). Either way, there's no denying that Crystal Fighters provides a great work out soundtrack. Run faster, bitch.

2. Real Fur - "ANIMAL"
With only this single to its name, this band has proven quite elusive. We know that "Animal" was released under the French Indie Label deBonton and that the group has perhaps a handful of songs to boast as of yet. More importantly, however, we know that this song kicks ass. See for yourself and have a listen.

3. Xaphoon Jones - "THE JACKSON PIT"
True that two wrongs don't make a right, but Xaphoon Jones proves that two olds make one badass new. Jones mashes Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" and Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" to create a sound that's oh-so-September.

4. Of Monsters and Men - "SIX WEEKS"
At this point, we're all relatively familiar with this Iceland gem and their wildly successful single "Little Talks." My guess is, however, that you're just about sick of it and looking for something new from the group to stimulate your senses. Try this.

5. SKTRKT feat. Little Dragon- "WILDFIRE" 
Have you ever heard of an artist who is uncomfortable with attention? Me neither. Until now. A project founded by Aaron Jerome, this DJ/producer utilizes an alias and native masks to promote anonymity. His reasoning? "Let the music speak for itself." Amen brother.
(Thanks, MS).