Saturday, April 9, 2011

So Beautiful, THAT's What.

"Sacrelige" as it may be, I worship several gods. One of those gods is Paul Simon. I have waited a lifetime (literally) for his next great album a la The Rhythm of the Saints or Graceland. And while it would be bold to compare his newest album to the likes of these masterpieces, it wouldn't be entirely undeserved.

With his newest album, So Beautiful or So What, he revisits the sound that defined him. His unmistakable voice in combination with the rawness of the guitar's rhythmic percussion is now enhanced by a spiritual subject matter that can only be a result of his age and experience. He ponders the "big questions" with that Paul Simon charm, with lyrics like "You got to fill out a form first, and then you wait in the line" in one of the best songs on the album, "The Afterlife." The entire album is somewhat of a spiritual manifesto, and proves that size really doesn't matter, as it consists of ten songs and runs about 38 minutes from start to finish.

So Beautiful or So What is released on April 12th. My favorites are "So Beautiful or So What," "Love and Blessings," "The Afterlife," "Rewrite," and "Amulet." Catch a sneak peak at the album before its release at the link below:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sound of Summer

Maybe it's the New Yorker in me, but when I stumble upon a song or band that screams summer, I hold onto that sound with all of my might. Dirty Heads is a great example. Their single "Lay Me Down" featuring Rome from Sublime with Rome is an even better example. This "SoCal" Reggae rock band just makes you feel good, despite (or maybe because of) its cheesy pick-up lines like "It's hot outside; let me go swimming in your eyes." And if you love that "Santeria" surfer sound, this will undoubtedly become part of your summer soundtrack. Give this and others from their album Any Port In A Storm a listen, especially "Stand Tall" and their cover of "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones.