Friday, December 4, 2009

Sparked My Interest

I'm sure this song is not new to many of you, but do you know the artist whose track "She's Got Me Dancing" is gracing the new iPod Touch ads? Here's the run down: His name is Tommy Sparks. His sound is pop and alternative fusion. His origin is Sweden, but he now resides in the UK where he released his first, self-titled album this past May. It seems to me as though his music was almost written with the goal of soundtrack stardom, as each of his songs exhibit a "hamster wheel" rhythm that work well in commercials or scenes.

In any case, I can't say Apple "stepped outside of the box" with this one. I'm a huge fan of what Tommy Sparks is doing, including his collaborations with The Prodigy and Filthy Dukes. I'm confident that you will as well-- just as long as you don't expect a unique or ground-breaking sound.

Like what you hear? Check out his other singles, including "I'm a Rope" and "Much Too Much" at